Sharkk Umbrella


Our vision

Integration of the Indian Umbrella market by increasing our outreach to the last Indian village. By combining quality and trust, we want to make sure that every individual receives uncompromised excellence in their umbrellas.

About Us

Sharkk® Umbrella was born as a part of the Suraj Mal Patwari (SMP) Group in 2010. The SMP group was already a well-established organisation, having been a leading manufacturer of umbrella raw materials in India for decades. With experience of supplying products across the country, we are uniquely capable of undertaking an expedition to revolutionise the Indian umbrella market.

Sharkk® Umbrella was born out of a desire to innovate and to push the industry forward. We are the industry leaders in bringing in innovative and durable products with the trendiest of designs. Our extensive collection of umbrellas has recently been supplemented with a brand new series of raincoats.

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